Stars of the Future was born in 2015

Stars Of The Future was born in 2015, aiming to help professional football players manage their personal lives – before, during and after their career. It was founded by former football player Zuela Francisco dos Santos.

After witnessing the difficulties of some of his colleagues, Francisco Zuela realised there was a gap in the world of football: lack of knowledge about financial management on the one hand, and tailored support to the athletes on the other.

That is why Stars of the Future means to closely follow the career of sportsmen and women, offering several consulting, education and training services. Its goal is to prepare young people for the world of professional sports, while giving them everything they need to be successful.

It also means to act as support for the family, so that they, in turn, can help the athlete maintain stability and confidence in their worth and choose the best decisions.

Stars of the Future is the project that was missing for athletes to grow knowing that they will have a bright future ahead!


Zuela Francisco dos Santos

Zuela Francisco dos Santos was born in 1983 in Luanda, Angola. He came to Portugal at age four and began his training as a football player in União Desportiva de Leiria at age seven.

In Portugal, he also made a stop at Académica de Coimbra, Santa Clara, Trofense and Sertanense and had the chance to work and learn from some of the most revered names in Portuguese football – such as José Mourinho and Manuel José.

During the course of his career, he played for several teams in Greece, Cyprus, Russia and Angola, the country he represented in international competitions.

But education and financial literacy have always been important in Zuela's journey. From an early age, he tried to understand the world of football, how it works and how he could build a future for himself after leaving the pitches. That’s why he tried to learn more about other fields, such as Marketing, Football Management, Scouting, Strategy and Executive Economics and Management.

He ended his career as a football player in 2015 and began investing in his training. Today he is a successful entrepreneur, specialising in the areas of sporting and financial management.

“And he is the mentor of Stars of the Future.”

“Knowledge is the foundation of everything. Part of that knowledge is acquired by experience, which gives you an orientation. Experience and education is all you need to succeed in life.”
Zuela Francisco

CEO Stars of the Future