José Mourinho
Professional Football Coach

“He was my player in Portugal, so I know his character, personality, moral principles and the will to learn and to prepare himself to always be more competent. He wanted to participate in several areas, from training of the professional team, to the academy, the aspects related to talent scouting and the club organization and management as a company. I recognize potential in Zuela, and above all a huge wish to prepare himself for the future after the career as a player.”

Nuno Rolo
Sports Agent

“It was early in my career that I heard about a kid with great potential. At the end of a training session we chatted for a while. I was won over by his attitude. It was most unusual for a kid from the junior squad to seek out the first team coach in the dressing room to talk about himself.”

Joaquim Evangelista
President of the Board of the Professional Footballers’ Union

“(Zuela) has demonstrated throughout his career enormous corporative spirit, indefense of the players’ rights and solidarity spirit with his colleagues.”

Professional Footballer, in an interview to Notícias ao Minuto

“I had started to feel I didn't belong. I lost heart. So I left and went to Greece through the good offices of Zuela Francisco. I only played four matches; maybe I missed someone to guide me.”

Professional Footballer

“At a time when I was having problems I got a phone call from Zuela, a friend of mine for more than 10 years. Already then he had great powers of observation and analysis of players, and was able to see the game and the business. He helped me to find a solution for my professional future.”

João Silva
Angolan National Coach

“He always sought to understand football’s underlying questions. We had conversations about the right way to lead, coach and play. He always pinpointed the most fundamental issues. The level of his thinking struck me and I was always wondering how someone who plays football could have such a vision. He would put emphasis on in matters regarding the post-football life, which is a truly challenging issue, since athletes’ careers are very short.”

Silva Kussanda
Professional Footballer

“At a time when no-one - not even the club that employed me - would help, he was the only person who gave me a helping hand.”

José Carlos Noronha
Doctor (extract from an interview)

“(Zuela) is much different from all other footballers. He is an honest and simple man. He has been a great footballer, but I think that he has a greater future as technical director. Believe me, in 3-4 years, much more people will talk about him and his achievements in football.”

António Antunes
Director of the INETESE Technical School

“It was with surprise that, 17 years later, I was contacted by Mr Zuela with a view to his completing the course. He told me that he wanted to tackle what he perceived to be one of the football industry’s thorny issues: the management of footballers finances’.”

Kátia Aveiro
Cristiano Ronaldo's sister

“For every athlete, education is the foundation for a successful life, during or after his career. Congratulations to Zuela, my friend and partner.”

Ricardo Balbeira
Sports Consultant

“I congratulate him for having been able to take all the right steps, from his pursuit of education to his search for knowledge through other professionals of the sport, all towards his great goal of improving the ways of world football, and looking to nurture more rounded athletes!”

Rui Reis
Sporting Clube de Portugal Technical Director

“Zuela Francisco has been an honorable partner, who respects his commitments. His goal, through his company, is to help and support young athletes to achieve their best possible future.”

George K. Stratos
President of the Board, Greek Super League

“I believe in Francisco’s abilities not only because he was a great athlete but mostly because he is an honorable man. During his course as a football player he was constantly training, hard working and willing to expand his knowledge. He could easily perform various duties such as technically coordinating professional football clubs, organizing or establishing youth academies, scouting, etc.“

Clarisse Vieira
Stars of the Future Accountant in Portugal

“When I was proposed to be Stars of the Future's accountant, I accepted because I believed in Mr. Zuela's skills, knowledge and vision for the future. He is passionate about his project and he has so many goals to achieve. He knows what he wants and what he has do in order to succeed.”

Bruno Ferrer
Business Consultant in Stars of the Future

"In my opinion, Zuela was a football player so he could get here, a pretext to understand the world of football and its needs. Zuela the player is today Francisco, the businessman, because for years he prepared himself for it. I’m proud to be part of his team and of his intention to help millions of athletes to live a better life. "

Pedro Afonso
Legal consultant for Stars of the Future in Portugal

“I knew Zuela in a difficult context for him: the recovery of an injury contracted as a football professional. I was quickly captivated, beyond his fascinating footballer career, with his high human values, of which I can highlight honesty, kindness, and gratitude. He will quickly become a prominent figure in his current professional field because his concern about the lives of athletes beyond football and his vision of this problems will be highly valued. He is someone who can speak, from personal experience!“

Georgios Patsalis
Accountant for Stars of the Future in Greece

“When I firstly met Zuela he won me over by demonstrating exceptionally kind behavior and long experience in the industry of football. Now he is starting a new career. His purpose is to pass on his knowledge and his experience to young generations. According to his philosophy every athlete shall be provided with the necessary tools in order to stand against the challenges in the industry of sports as well as in everyday life. ”

Diogo Almeida
Professional football coach in Sporting Clube de Braga

“Zuela played on my team in his last year as a professional. It can be a difficult time for some athletes because their routine changes, and they lose or don’t have any news goals in life. It didn’t happen in this case because long before ending his career, Zuela was already educating and preparing himself for the future.“

Família Tsirigotis
Parents of an athlete in Sporting CP Soccer Academy Athens

“Stars of the Future is the company that we trust and we believe that they can help our kid to expand his skills.  Mr Zuela knows the way and can provide guidance and assistance to our kid. That is the reason we trust him and his company.”

Ruben Rua

"The commercial value of a football player is far beyond his sports value.

We are what we communicate and all the details are fundamental for the construction of an image, positioning and of a brand."