Family support for athletes up to 16 years old

For the child of a family and for the family itself it is often not easy to cope with the conditions and challenges of football. We share our knowledge with families and help them understand how the world of sports works, so that they can in turn support their young in making important decisions. We show them the importance of training and how it can help build their careers.


Support for athletes up to 16 years old

We prepare young people for the world of sports. We want them to learn how to cope with pressure and exposure of their personal life, without neglecting school and their training.


Image consulting

There is but one chance to make a good impression. We show them from an early age how young people can present an image that enhances their value as athletes, with the help of a specialist.


Specialised workout and scouting

We create customised workouts for young athletes in training. We also do talent scouting for agents and teams that are looking for new athletes.


Support for athletes and their families

For an athlete still living with their family, it is not always easy to deal with the circumstances of their professional life. Stars Of The Future helps manage family life, sharing knowledge with the families that will aid them in guiding their children in every moment of their career.


Support for spouses

We show them how they can support and aid their partner so that they, in turn, can give their all on the pitch. We also teach them to deal with exposure of their personal life and help them maintain secrecy in case of a divorce or with questions that may arise from moving to a different country and team, and in the beginning of their professional career.


Image consulting

With the help of a specialist, we mean to show why a well-groomed image is important to value their professional career. We offer tips and advice for always doing well in social life.


Partnership with agents

We manage the athlete's personal life so that they can get the most out of their professional journey. We complement the work of an agent. We also offer scouting services in order for them to find the next big client.


Financial management course

We offer financial management courses for athletes to know how to manage their money. These courses will help them learn how to use their money and how to look for the best professionals to manage it.


Support for former professionals

We aim to prepare athletes for their post – athletic career future. We provide them the means for their reintegration in social life. By implementing broad education services, we help them to find a new direction in their new life and therefore to remain active for the society.


Fund for football professionals

We offer football professionals the chance to create new business after the end of their career. We find the best ideas and professionals so that they can be the next stars and investors in the world of sports.


Training in Management of Human Resources

We help coaches to improve their training beyond the sporting arena. We want them to know how to manage their athletes in the best way possible, so as to help them reach even higher.


Language training

Knowing how to communicate with the athletes is the first step towards their and their teams’ success. In the past 15 years most of the best footballers have come from Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. This is why we provide assistance to coaches wishing to improve their ability in languages like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Supporting integration in wider society

Just like the athletes under them, it is important that coaches should be able to manage their lives during and after their sporting careers. We help coaches and their families to learn how to deal with media exposure, and, in the event of a move to another country, we show them how they can adapt to a different culture.


Support in the socio-cultural sphere

Coaches have to work with athletes from different cultures and different customs. It is important that they should know how to deal with the difference, so as to obtain best performance and help the athlete to grow. We provide access to workshops which show how to overcome social and cultural barriers.


Andreas Barbaris


“Stars of the future can assist but most importantly can protect our children, from the very early steps up to the end.”

Giannis Mpouloukos


“What makes me feel happy is that he demonstrates courage and persistence in order to teach the children the values of life through football. His passion and his aim is to assist children in order to acquire broad education so they will not merely be footballers but valuable person for the society in whole.”

Patricia Paím


“It’s the piece that was missing in the football world because it cares about family and social wellbeing. I thank Stars of the Future for its knowledge and for helping us take the next step.”

Thanasis Anagnostopoulos


“In 2015, my brother was supposed to leave his team. I called Stars of the Future in order to help me to have a better view of the football industry. We are glad that everything they said came true.”

Samuel Chipalavela


“They explained me some football’s details and singularities, which I didn’t know about. I believe it was an opportunity for my son.”

Ruben Rua


“The commercial value of a football player goes beyond his sport value. We are what we show, and every detail is fundamental to build an image, positioning and brand.”

Wilson Gaspar


“From the very beggining he predicted my future, long before I imagined it.”



“Stars of the Future was always there to help me in very personal matters. I appreciate all dedication, care and secrecy.”

Eleni Sofogianni


“At the beginning of the meeting I was doubtful whether such a young person, an ex footballer, would be able to materialise such an inspired project but it didn’t take me long to realise that that young man has all the qualities to achieve his goal.”

Giorgos Kokolakis


“This is a project with focus in young athletes and the process of finding and developing them and that's why it gained my interest since the beginning.”